Little Lunchbox Bento three+ Sky Blue

Little Lunchbox Bento three+ Sky Blue


With three separate large sections, the Little Lunch Box Co Bento Three+ has been designed for older kids, adults, and little ones with a larger appetite!

Pack a whole sandwich (crusts on!), rolls, wraps, or even croissants in the large section. The divided leakproof sections allow for fruits, veggies, crackers, or yogurt to be packed side by side. If three compartments aren’t enough, we’ve got you covered! The Bento Three+ comes with two removable dividers, one for the larger compartment as well as one for either the small or medium compartment. This box is the perfect all day lunch box. It has all the features of our best selling Bento Three – only bigger! You can even customize the Bento Three further with our handy Bento Accessories like Cups and Dividers to create more sections! Decorate your bento with bento accessories.

The Little Lunchbox is without prints and therefore timeless! If you like, you can decorate your lunchbox with our series of lunchbox stickers. You can easily remove the stickers and stick a new set if necessary.

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Product Features
– Completely leak-proof*
– Can be put in the dishwasher, top rack
(without drying program)
– BPA, PVC and Phthalates (plasticizers) free
– Compact and lightweight
– Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 6.2 cm.

*Please note: the Little Lunchbox is suitable for, for example, full-fat yogurt or quark. With dressings and dips, make sure that they are not too liquid or take them with you in the Surprise boxes from Little Lunchbox. The Little Lunchbox is NOT leak proof when used with water or liquids.

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